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About us

Midas Financial Planning provides a personalised advice service with a view to building long term relationships, in order to look after all of your financial needs. We will be open and straight forward with you and conduct your affairs with honesty, integrity and with utmost confidentiality.

Whether it is mortgage , investment , pension or protection advice you need, we can provide you with a professional service, both now and in the future. Our team of advisors are on hand and are available to work with you either in the comfort of your own home or in our offices.

Our team

Our team is at the heart of your business.

Our advisors and servicing team deliver consistently high standards and are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience for all our clients.

Personal service

Midas Financial Planning realize that every situation is different and every individual is unique. We’ve therefore developed a range of services, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs, no mater how complex. We will work in partnership with you and look to develop an excellent working relationship that will evolve over time.

On-going ties will depend on the type of relationship you choose to have with us and will be discussed and agreed with your adviser. Of course your circumstances may change over time and we will be flexible in the way we work. Rest assured that however you choose to develop your personal service our four key principles - honesty, integrity, reliability and value will underpin our relationship at all time.

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The Way We Work
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